TERENA webcam back online

Yes, it’s back online! TERENA’s infamous webcam, aimed at Koningsplein Amsterdam.

TERENA webcam Koningsplein Amsterdam

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Office conditions: wet!

10584055_760600304002523_7929133434793490938_nTorrential rain in Amsterdam. One of our office rooms has capitulated and decided to transfer the water straight from the roof onto the floor. We’ll be able to organise an indoor swimming contest soon!…

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Registration open for TERENA / SURFnet security, privacy and trust workshop

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The workshop will be held at the SURFnet offices, in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Security, privacy and trust are among the hottest topics in research and education networking. Because it’s important to collaborate internationally, national research and education networking (NREN) organisations are invited to attend the NREN Security Strategy Workshop that will be held on 3-4 September 2014, organised by TERENA and SURFnet and hosted in the SURFnet offices in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Registration for this event is open.

Reaching a shared view about international NREN collaboration on security, privacy and trust is the main aim of the workshop. It is also the intention to agree follow-up actions, including the creation of a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Special Interest Group (SIG) as a platform for future collaboration in this area. The workshop will give participants the opportunity to share their views and discuss security, privacy and trust issues. Remote participation via video conference will also be possible.

During the workshop, the following themes will be discussed:

  • How can NRENs exchange strategic views and work towards a shared view on security, privacy and trust?
  • How can NRENs develop a trust framework between NRENs and for their products and services?
  • How can NRENs exchange knowledge about and approaches to important issues (such as the upcoming European privacy laws)?
  • How can NRENs learn from other NRENs’ security, privacy and trust services? (e.g. copy them or procure them from another NREN.)
  • Are there any issues that can only be resolved through international collaboration? And how can NRENs organise this? Is there interest in forming a dedicated community of CISOs and other security managers?

More information is available on the TERENA CISO website.

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Cloud computing in Europe: market survey started

the-cloudCLOUDCATALYST will carry out some market surveys the coming weeks and subsequently produce an overview of the cloud adoption status in Europe. More information can be found on the renewed website: www.cloudcatalyst.eu.
The CLOUDCATALYST (FP7-funded) project aims to provide tools to foster the adoption of cloud computing in Europe  and to boost the European cloud computing market.

More information can also be found on CORDIS: http://cordis.europa.eu/news/rcn/36650_en.html


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Karel Vietsch 24/11/1952 – 23/02/2014

Karel Vietsch, after having received a Dutch Royal decoration, 13 May 2013

Karel Vietsch, after having received a Dutch Royal decoration, 13 May 2013

TERENA is mourning the loss of Karel Vietsch, who passed away on 23 February 2014. Karel had been TERENA’s Secretary General from March 1996 until March 2012, when illness prevented him from fulfilling his duties. In spite of this illness, Karel continued to show a strong attention to TERENA activities, providing information and support to the Secretariat staff and occasionally engaging with the wider community. He will be much missed.

As Secretary-General, Karel’s responsibilities included the day-to-day management of the TERENA Secretariat staff, the execution of policies and activities, and reporting to the TERENA Executive Committee. Karel also represented TERENA in contacts with other organisations.

His extensive knowledge, paired with his ability to commit fully to TERENA’s goals, made Karel a respected personality in the wider research and education networking community. In 2013 Karel’s outstanding contribution to networking and the Internet was rewarded; appointed an Officer in the Dutch Royal Order of Orange-Nassau, Karel was presented with the royal insignia during a private ceremony on 13 May.

Speaking on behalf of the TERENA Secretary staff, Acting Secretary General Valentino Cavalli said, “I would like to express the highest respect to Karel for having brilliantly shaped TERENA during all his years in service, as well as our gratitude for the message he gave us through his conduct in his work – thoroughly business wise and intrinsically ethical. We will miss you, Karel.”

If you wish to leave a message of condolence for Karel’s family, please post your message at the bottom of this page and we will pass it on.

Short biography
Karel graduated from Leiden University in 1975 with a major in mathematics and minors in economics and theoretical computer science. He was a teacher and researcher at Leiden University, and obtained a PhD in mathematics in 1979. After doing military service in The Hague, sharing one computer with twenty other conscripts, he joined Delft University of Technology as manager of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science.

In 1984 he moved to the Science Policy Department of the Dutch Ministry of Education and Sciences, where he was involved in the implementation of the research part of the government’s Computer Science Promotion Plan, which included the creation of a national research network, SURFnet. Climbing through the ranks within the ministry he became Head of Unit for Information and Infrastructure in 1992, whereafter in 1996 he joined TERENA as Secretary-General.

Karel’s busy work schedule left him little spare time, but when he found some time off to travel he was keen to enjoy the atmosphere and culture of TERENA member countries.

Further information
The news item “TERENA Secretary General receives royal honour” links to photos from the decoration event of 13 May 2013 and contains more details about Karel’s achievements. A short video of the ceremony is available on TERENAtube.

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NEW: TERENA and GÉANT invite nominations for Community Awards

During TNC2013, Nicole Harris (TERENA) gave a heartfelt speech in posthumous recognition of contributions made by Milan Sova (CESNET) to R&E networking.

TERENA and the GÉANT project have collaborated to open up Community Awards to nominations from across the research and education networking community, and are pleased to announce the call for nominations. These awards are designed to show gratitude and respect to teams or individuals who have shared their ideas, expertise and time with the community. Such contributions are often provided voluntarily and through good will. These awards were introduced by TERENA in 2012, with recipients being honoured online and during the annual TERENA Networking Conference (TNC).

Up to three nominees may be selected by a panel of judges from among the GÉANT and TERENA community. The winner(s) will be presented with a small personal gift on Thursday 22 May during the closing plenary session of TNC2014 in Dublin, Ireland. Nominations can be submitted until midnight on 20 March 2014.

For the past few years, the TNC has been the place where public recognition has been given to members of the European research and education networking community for their contributions to the development of relevant technologies and services or to collaborative community activities. The new nominations procedure, sponsored by the GÉANT project, not only opens the awards up to greater community engagement within Europe, but also invites nominations from and about people in other world regions.

Who can be nominated?

Nominees should meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • he /she shared an idea with the community that developed into something significant such as a well-used tool or service;
  • he / she made a significant contribution to a number of community activities over a sustained period;
  • he / she has made significant contributions to important / recognisable developments within the past 12 months.

‘Winners’ could be individuals or small teams of named individuals. Winning nominee(s) should meet the same affiliation requirements as those for people submitting nominations (see below).

Who can submit nominations?

Nominations are welcome from:

  • staff employed or sub-contracted by: GÉANT project partner organisations; DANTE; TERENA national, associate or international member organisations;
  • national or continental research and education networking organisations from outside Europe, including AARNET, APAN, CANARIE, Internet2, RedCLARA, Ubuntunet;
  • individuals who participate in one or more TERENA task force(s) or other TERENA activities, whether by attending meetings or simply being on the mailing list;
  • other individuals who have registered to attend TNC2014.

A maximum of two submissions per person will be accepted; if more nominations are submitted, only the first two will be taken into account.

How to submit nominations

Nominations can be submitted using the online nomination form. In order for TERENA and the judges to assess all nominations equally and to follow up on nominations, questions cover some basic facts about the person submitting the form, as well as about the person being nominated and supporting information. Please note that all fields are compulsory.

Among other things, people submitting nominations will be asked to explain why the nominee deserves special recognition, whether such recognition would be particularly timely during TNC2014, whether their work was part of a team effort or has already received wider recognition, and whether the nominator has any ideas for a relevant (token) gift.

Background information

TERENA presented the first community awards in 2012 and 2013 based on internal recommendations. The nominations and judging procedures that have been introduced in 2014 are possible thanks to financial support from the GÉANT project, which primarily covers administrative costs.

If you have any queries, please contact pr@terena.org.

Information about past Community Award winners.

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TNC2014: early bird registration closing soon!

tnc2014RegisterThe discounted fee for early-bird registration for this year’s TERENA Networking Conference (TNC2014) will be available for just a few more days. Registration before 24 February costs €550, including access to all sessions, demonstrations, posters, exhibits, lightning talks and social events as well as coffee and lunch breaks. After this deadline you can still register online until 9 May at a cost of €650. TERENA invites you to take advantage of the discount while the early-bird period continues!

Registration desk

After 9 May on-site registration will be possible during TNC2014 in Dublin at the full fee (€750). Please note that payments may be made by credit card, bank draft or in cash. If you require supporting documentation in order to obtain a visa, you should contact Valerie Abbott from Abbey Conference and Corporate; she can help you with obtaining the required documents.

About the conference

TNC2014 will be held between 19-22 May 2014 in Dublin, Ireland, hosted by HEAnet, Ireland’s national research and education networking (NREN) organisation. Through keynote speeches by renowned specialists and many parallel sessions, the conference will present an overview of the latest developments in research networking, both in the technical field and in the areas of application and management. This year’s theme is ‘Networking with the World’.

The conference will bring together decision makers, managers, networking professionals, collaboration specialists, and identity and access management experts from all major European networking and research organisations, universities, world-wide sister institutions, as well as industry representatives.


Companies wanting to gain exposure in, and build relationships with, the European research and education networking community can become a sponsoring partner of TNC2014. For more information please contact Gyöngyi Horváth, TERENA’s Conference and Workshop Organiser, at horvath@terena.org.


An exhibition area dedicated to demonstrations and exhibits will be set up in the TNC2014 conference venue. Companies and projects wishing to participate should contact tnc2014@terena.org.

Further information

All information can be found on the TNC2014 website.

Follow @TERENAorg and #TNC14 on Twitter and further announcements here and on the TERENA Facebook pages.

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