Help and encouragement to move to IPv6

Yesterday afternoon’s session on IPv6 had three very good practical talks on how to
encourage its adoption. See
All three presentations were giving the same message that 2011 is the
year to really push the adoption of IPv6 given that IPv4 addresses are
rapidly running out and that many services will need to consider
connectivity with IPv6-only systems. Even if you think you have plenty
of IPv4 addresses many of the systems you will wish to communicate with
may not be so lucky. I thoroughly recommend all three presentations for
lots of detailed advice on planning and making the transition. The last
talk of the session by Maurice van den Akker from SURFnet was
particularly interesting to me because this was a case study of what
they found they needed to do to help and support institutes within their
constituency in moving to IPv6. Comments from the audience also proved
that the talk was very well received and also commended the SURFnet
paper on planning for IPv6 addressing (translated into English by RIPE NCC).

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