NEW: TERENA and GÉANT invite nominations for Community Awards

During TNC2013, Nicole Harris (TERENA) gave a heartfelt speech in posthumous recognition of contributions made by Milan Sova (CESNET) to R&E networking.

TERENA and the GÉANT project have collaborated to open up Community Awards to nominations from across the research and education networking community, and are pleased to announce the call for nominations. These awards are designed to show gratitude and respect to teams or individuals who have shared their ideas, expertise and time with the community. Such contributions are often provided voluntarily and through good will. These awards were introduced by TERENA in 2012, with recipients being honoured online and during the annual TERENA Networking Conference (TNC).

Up to three nominees may be selected by a panel of judges from among the GÉANT and TERENA community. The winner(s) will be presented with a small personal gift on Thursday 22 May during the closing plenary session of TNC2014 in Dublin, Ireland. Nominations can be submitted until midnight on 20 March 2014.

For the past few years, the TNC has been the place where public recognition has been given to members of the European research and education networking community for their contributions to the development of relevant technologies and services or to collaborative community activities. The new nominations procedure, sponsored by the GÉANT project, not only opens the awards up to greater community engagement within Europe, but also invites nominations from and about people in other world regions.

Who can be nominated?

Nominees should meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • he /she shared an idea with the community that developed into something significant such as a well-used tool or service;
  • he / she made a significant contribution to a number of community activities over a sustained period;
  • he / she has made significant contributions to important / recognisable developments within the past 12 months.

‘Winners’ could be individuals or small teams of named individuals. Winning nominee(s) should meet the same affiliation requirements as those for people submitting nominations (see below).

Who can submit nominations?

Nominations are welcome from:

  • staff employed or sub-contracted by: GÉANT project partner organisations; DANTE; TERENA national, associate or international member organisations;
  • national or continental research and education networking organisations from outside Europe, including AARNET, APAN, CANARIE, Internet2, RedCLARA, Ubuntunet;
  • individuals who participate in one or more TERENA task force(s) or other TERENA activities, whether by attending meetings or simply being on the mailing list;
  • other individuals who have registered to attend TNC2014.

A maximum of two submissions per person will be accepted; if more nominations are submitted, only the first two will be taken into account.

How to submit nominations

Nominations can be submitted using the online nomination form. In order for TERENA and the judges to assess all nominations equally and to follow up on nominations, questions cover some basic facts about the person submitting the form, as well as about the person being nominated and supporting information. Please note that all fields are compulsory.

Among other things, people submitting nominations will be asked to explain why the nominee deserves special recognition, whether such recognition would be particularly timely during TNC2014, whether their work was part of a team effort or has already received wider recognition, and whether the nominator has any ideas for a relevant (token) gift.

Background information

TERENA presented the first community awards in 2012 and 2013 based on internal recommendations. The nominations and judging procedures that have been introduced in 2014 are possible thanks to financial support from the GÉANT project, which primarily covers administrative costs.

If you have any queries, please contact

Information about past Community Award winners.

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